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Timestyle Coaching & Consulting

We teach you how to handle busy, everyday moments with less stress and improved productivity, so you can be less overwhelmed and have more time for you, your family and everything else that matters.

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Stacey Vulakh

Stacey is the founder of Timestyle Coaching & Consulting. Her customized Timestyle approach has helped many of today’s busy women overcome the distractions of modern life, so they are able to balance career, family and personal priorities.

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Jayne is our Timestyle superstar. She’s got a wicked sense of humor, an eye for style and a knack for making lists. Jayne tells it like it is and speaks for many busy moms and entrepreneurs as she faces (and talks about) the behind-the-scenes challenges of a super-demanding lifestyle – much like yours.

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Meet Stacey

My mother died when I was 19. Obviously, those first few years were fairly tumultuous (to say the least) however instead of wallowing, I had the sense to do something about it. Little did I know that work with a counselor would begin a process that culminates here.
Since kindergarten, I’ve always been a bit of a high-achiever: leading the charge, taking on projects and volunteering to ensure it would be done the right way (i.e., my way).
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Meet Jayne

Jayne here, and let’s keep this brief because we’ve all got places to go and things to do.
Only recently did Stacey and I start working together. She was looking for an assistant (magician is more like it - you should’ve seen the job description she posted) to help with a few odds and ends, so I responded and voila!, instant connection.
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