• What is Timestyle?

    Simply put, it's making time work for you and your lifestyle or styling time to meet your needs.

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  • To-Do Lists...

    We all keep them. Perhaps even To-Do pads or notebooks. Life is a constant To-Do (consider it a fringe benefit to living).

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  • Life is a highway.
    Life is a highway.
    As far as weeks go, this was up there. I’ve just returned from a 2-day intensive retreat of sorts. I say sorts...

Meet Stacey

My mother died when I was 19. Obviously, those first few years were fairly tumultuous (to say the least) however instead of wallowing, I had the sense to do something about it. Little did I know that work with a counselor would begin a process that culminates here.
Since kindergarten, I’ve always been a bit of a high-achiever: leading the charge, taking on projects and volunteering to ensure it would be done the right way (i.e., my way).
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Meet Jayne

Jayne here, and let’s keep this brief because we’ve all got places to go and things to do.
Only recently did Stacey and I start working together. She was looking for an assistant (magician is more like it - you should’ve seen the job description she posted) to help with a few odds and ends, so I responded and voila!, instant connection.
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